What to Expect From a Car Dealership


A car dealership links vehicle manufacturers and consumers by selling a variety of vehicles at different prices to customers. Dealerships also offer services like repairs, refinishing, and painting to boost revenue and improve customer satisfaction. They often use financing deals and incentives to increase sales during slow periods and reduce inventory. New cars are the highest-selling products at a car dealership, but used vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Some dealerships also sell certified pre-owned cars, which are lightly used vehicles that have been inspected and usually come with a warranty.

Car dealers are required to comply with numerous state and federal laws when selling cars. This includes specific dealer licensing laws based on the state, the Federal Trade Commission’s Used Car Rule, and a state’s lemon law if one exists. Dealerships also typically obtain a surety bond to cover potential consumer and government compensation claims if they violate these laws.

Purchasing a vehicle can be an expensive and long-term commitment. Shoppers should always do their research on the type of car they want, and the prices that are common for those models, before heading to a dealership. It’s also helpful to get pre-approved for an auto loan before entering the dealership, as this can help prevent a salesperson from pushing you into a car that you don’t really need or can’t afford. Asking the dealership questions about their sales policies and practices is also a good way to learn more about what to expect. car dealership

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