Relive the Action With Into the Spider-Verse Mask


Aspiring web-slingers can relive the heart-pounding action of Spider verse mask with this premium, movie-fidelity replica. Its detailed design includes a flexible band that fits most aspiring heroes’ heads, making it the perfect gift for Marvel fans ages 5 and up.

This movie is a refreshing alternative to the superhero genre, which typically rehashes the same basic storyline: Young white guy gets bitten by radioactive spider, becomes hero. Spider-Verse imagines that there isn’t just one Spider-Man, but many different Spider-folks existing in parallel universes. In addition to the typical hero’s journey themes, it shows how these Spider-folks, including a black spider named Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), cope with their own unique challenges and struggles.

While Into the Spider-Verse doesn’t deal with the same issues as those old comics, it still addresses important themes like the importance of family and friends, overcoming adversity, never giving up, and embracing your own creative voice. It also shows how the different Spider-folks’ racial identities and cultural backgrounds are intrinsic to their personalities.

For example, the art directors Dean Gordon and Patrick O’Keefe drew inspiration from Cubist painting for their way of representing the dimensional quakes that are the primary threat in Spider-Verse. This was a fine choice, as Cubism often sought to represent multiple viewpoints on a subject all occurring simultaneously—much the same way that Spider-Verse reveals that every sincerely-held viewpoint is valid. It’s a message that feels especially relevant in this moment of heightened tensions over representation and racial identity. Spider verse mask

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