A Review of an Automatic Breast Pump


When your little one starts nursing, you’ll want a breast pump to help increase your milk supply and relieve engorgement when needed. But with many electrical pumps being loud, finding a quiet option that allows you to relax and work while pumping may be difficult. This is where a manual breast pump comes in, but it can also be more physically demanding for some users, especially if they have any physical limitations or need to tend to other kids while pumping.

The Willow aims to do for breast pumps what the AirPods did for headphones, offering hands-free pumping in a small, portable package. Testers love this affordable, cordless option that’s easy to use and charges via USB, making it convenient for travel. The only downside is that it requires a learning curve to figure out how to align the flanges correctly with your nipples (misalignment can lead to leaks and discomfort).

If you need a double-electric pump for occasional use, this affordable model from Medela might be a good fit. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts about two hours and a display that shows suction levels, a timer, and more—plus, it remembers your preferred settings so you don’t have to spend a lot of extra time tweaking things. It’s also dishwasher-friendly, which makes it easier to clean between uses. Plus, it’s super lightweight at just over a pound, which makes it easy to stash in your bag or car. automatic breast pump

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