Inspirational jewelry is the perfect gift for any friend or loved one, and rings are a go-to choice because of their size and versatility. When you carry inspirational jewelry in your store, you’re giving your customers the chance to choose a piece of jewelry that speaks to them, and encourages them to keep moving forward and not give up on their goals.

Engraved messages, stamped symbols and crafted gemstones all carry a message for the wearer of inspirational jewelry. These pieces are often based on sacred symbols and mystic rituals, or have meanings that can be related to eastern religious traditions, including Kabbalah, Buddhism, Egyptian wisdom, Jewish tradition and Tibetan Buddhist belief systems.

Rings can be crafted from almost any hard material, and are worn on the finger or other parts of the body as ornamental jewelry. When used as ornamental jewelry, a ring always fits snugly around or in the part of the body it is intended to be worn on.

A ring can be engraved with any type of text or symbol, and can be made to bear an insignia such as a family coat of arms or an emblematic design, such as a signature seal. These kinds of rings are often called signet or emblematic rings, and are usually designed to be a distinguishing feature on the wearer’s hand.

A ring can also be designed with multiple indentations, and may be used as a marker for the decade of the Rosary prayer, known as a Rosary ring or decade ring. These types of rings typically have 10 indentations, and can be used to help the wearer count her prayers by touching the indentations with their fingers. inspirational jewelry rings

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